Friday, March 18, 2016

My Florida Trip 2016!

 Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been on vacation. Today I will be telling you about my vacation. I went to Florida over spring break. My family and I did a lot of fun things over that time.
This is a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets from the beach.
For the first few days of our trip, we stayed on the beach and didn't really do much. The days were filled with sunshine and swimming. Lets just say that I may have gotten a little sunburned. We also had lots of great food on vacation. My favorite restaurant was the Clear Sky Cafe in Clearwater. We went there for breakfast and I had delicious French Toast. We stayed at Saint Pete Beach for three nights, then we headed to Clearwater. In Clearwater we stayed in a cute retro motel called Frenchy's Oasis Motel. It was very quiet because there is only 14 rooms. We almost had the pool to ourselves because most of the people there were older.
Over the trip we went to many different beaches. We stayed at Saint Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach, but we also went to Madeira Beach and Honeymoon Island State Park. My favorite was Madeira Beach, because there was not a lot of people. We also went to John's Pass before the beach. John's Pass is a boardwalk with cute shops.

In Clearwater there is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. that is where Winter the dolphin from Dolphin Tale lives. We visited the Aquarium and went on a boat ride and learned more about sea life. It was very crowed around Winter, so I couldn't get a good picture of her. Here is a picture I found of her off the internet.
I had a great vacation in Florida and I hope you enjoyed this blog post. 



  1. These pictures are really neat! Did you take them?

    1. Yes I took all of them except the one of winter.

  2. That looks so cool, and fun! I really liked all the pictures. Love it.

  3. I love how you added pictures to enchance what you are talking about, I went to Florida as well for spring break this year, and I really enjoyed the Siesta Key beaches!