Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My life update

Today I'm posting about my life. I will be talking about what I've been doing or what I'm going to do soon. Today is my sisters birthday. I got her a tea cup set, because she loves tea. Here is a picture of the cup. Tonight we are watching the pretty little liars episode from yesterday. I am leaving for Florida in less then six days. I am so exicted, I will post some outfits from my trip and a few pictures. 
In my weekly life updates I will be having a section for my favorites. This week my favorites have been the app color therapy, Ellie and Jared on YouTube, and Pinterest.

First I will tell you about the app color therapy. My science teacher recommend my class to get the app if we needed someone thing to do. Recently adult coloring books have been a big trend. This app is a virtual coloring book. It is very relaxing. Here is a coloring page I filled in.

My next favorite is Ellie and Jared on YouTube. Their YouTube channel is a vlog channel about their family. It is really fun to watch.
Here is a link to their YouTube channel.

My last favorite is Pinterest. I used to be obsessed with Pinterest then I forgot about it. Recently I got the app again and I love it. Pinterest has so many different things. From fitness to makeup, it feels like everything is on Pinterest.

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