Friday, May 13, 2016

Books you need to read!

Hello, for today's post I will be incorporating more with my reading/writing side of my blog. Yesterday I posted about starting a journal. If you missed that post click here. Today I will be talking to you about books you should read. I will be talking about books from different genres and books for mostly teens. 

The first book you should read is The Book Thief. I read this book in English this year, and I loved it. It is a historical fiction book about the Holocaust. This book shows a different point of view, that is not from a Jewish point of view. It shows true compassion and if you like sad books then this is a book for you. The book thief is 584 pages long. I know it is very long, but is such a good book. This book really opened my eyes on the holocaust. It is tragic, but a very powerful book. 
The next book I would recommend is if you like realistic fiction, or if you like some romance.  If you do then A Bend in the Road is perfect. This book was a good book if you like any books by Nicholas Sparks. One of my favorites is the Last Song. A Bend in the Road is a emotional book with a hint of mystery. The book is about Miles Ryan trying to find out who was the driver of the car that killed his wife. This book is not too long with 341 pages. 
The next book is a mix of science fiction and a mix of realistic fiction. The Selection is like the bachelor meets the princess diaries. If you have not seen the bachelor that's okay, but the princess diaries??? What was your childhood like???

Moving on to the book, The Selection is about America entering in a competition to try and be the next princess and to marry Prince Maxon. The selection is a big deal for everyone. America recently broke up with her boyfriend, so she is unsure about doing this. She is chosen to be one of thirty five girls to go to the castle and try to win Maxon's heart. I love this book, and the best part is it is a whole series. The last book was released last week. This book has 336 pages, but I read this book in one weekend it was that good. I think is is my favorite book ever. I love all the other books I mentioned, but this is my favorite. 

Thank you for reading my blog posts, leave a comment if you want more posts like this. 


  1. Wow! I love also love all of these books!

  2. I'm currently reading A Bend in the Road and so far it's great! I think if you liked that book you would like the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. It's one of my favorite books