Thursday, May 12, 2016

Starting a journal!

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking to you about starting a personal journal. I think journals are a great idea to keep track of your life, and where you are in your life.
Step 1: Find a journal that will work or use a old notebook. I am all for recycling so you can totally use an old science notebook or even loose leaf paper. You can be creative with designing your journal and making it your own.
Step 2: Figure out how you want to journal. You could have your journal be about your experiences/memories, or it could be about your daily life.It is really up to you to decide which way you want your journal to be. There are also many more options for journal ideas, so if you want you can research some of them.
Step 3: Decide how often you want to write. I know it can get hard with school or work, but it is really relaxing to journal and it helps you take your mind off of things. I would recommend journaling as much as possible. I try to write in my journal everyday, but it usually ends up being every other day. Find a journaling schedule that works for you.
Step 4: Remember this is for fun! This isn't like a school assignment that is due on Monday. Do this for your self. I think journals are also a good way to rant about any problems you are having, or it is a way lift yourself back up.
Thank you for reading about my tips to start a journal. If you like this and would like more posts like this, please leave a comment telling me. Also make sure to follow my twitter for updates about this blog.  my Twitter


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  2. I have never written a journal, but this post makes me want to!