Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer bucket list!

Today I will be giving you ideas for a summer bucket list, and telling you my summer bucket list.
Summer Bucket list!
1. Go on a trip in my/your state. I think there is lots to do around your area, so try and experience different things around you.
2. Go to a yoga class.
Yoga is relaxing and a fun workout.
3. Go on a hike.
You can go with friends or family to make this extra fun.
4. Go to a beach.
5. Swim in a pool.
6. Go to valleyfair/amusement park.
7. Volunteer, this year I am volunteering at a summer camp.
8. Go camping.
9. Finish 10 books.
10. Have a coloring day.
11. bake a cake. I want to make a cake like my funfetti cake I made. Maybe I will even do a blog post about it! funfetti cake
12. Go tubing.
13. Start taking more pictures.
14. Learn how to French braid.
15. Keep a journal.
I want to keep the journal I started in one of my other posts.
16. Rearrange my room.
17. Blog!!!
I hope I will keep blogging throughout the summer.
18. Go on a bike ride.
19. Start and finish a TV show.
20. Tie die shirts.
21. Go canoeing.
22. Cook a whole meal for family or friends.
23. DIY something. I like watching DIY videos on youtube and I want to make some cool things for summer.
24. Water balloon fight.
25. Watch the sun rise.
These are just some suggestions of things to do this summer. Next week I am super busy, so I might not get to blog. School is almost over!!!! I am so excited for summer.  

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  1. I have almost the exact same bucketlist as you!